Monday, 7 May 2007

Bank Holiday News

The wire arrive Saturday morning and I then understood why I have had such trouble crocheting with the stuff I buy locally - it's way too thick! The new wire is like thread and so easy to use, although I may just go blind in the process as it is so fine. So after a couple of practice runs, last night I managed to make the necklace above in silver wire with pale blue seed beads and even made a little round motif with a sparkly blue bead inthe centre. I am very pleased with the result - it looks like filagree and is very delicate. It is also delicate to wear - not that it will break, but the loops can get bent up if they touch clothing, so this would have to be worn with an open-neck top - but how special would it look against a tan! This is £15 + p&p.

I now have all sorts of plans for the rest of the wire - I am having to write them down and make sketches as I do not want to forget them. I feel like making a dragonfly out of beads and crochet wire wings - watch this space!
The above is the finished collar crocheted in hemp. All it needs now is a satin ribbon threaded through the loops in the centre to fasten it, but the shop is shut until tomorrow. This has held it's shape nicely and I think as it would be worn around the neck, there is no danger of it getting battered and pulled out of shape. Again £15 because of the time taken to make it - even fiddlier than the wire as the hemp varies in thickness as it goes along.
Yesterday was a pretty good day - I turned on the computer to find that my good friend Marina didn't want just one necklace, she wanted to buy three! So she had chosen the starfish/peyote bead confection and the 'Cobweb' necklace, pale green seed beads on monofilament, as well as a crochet wire/fish chain - bless you Marina! If this continues I will have to really get cracking and re-stock the more complicated necklaces - just as well I have actually sorted out the mess that was my bead and findings collection and can see what's what for a change. Not for long I am sure!

I took a 'day off' yesterday and we went to a huge car boot near Reading which was cold and starting to be wet but worth it. I found not one but TWO strands of the rainbow crystal beads that I have been looking everywhere for over the past couple of weeks with no success. (Who says Cosmic Ordering doesn't work!) Also a necklace of pale blue crystal beads also for cannibalisation, as well as the two fancy little finds above, both 50p. The belt buckle is absolutely gorgeous and at first I thought it was carved bone of some sort, but on closer inspection it is actually plastic. But from the front you could not guess and I love the delicate flower design - I will crochet a belt to go with it in the not too distant future. The earrings I originally bought to take apart but when cleaned up they look too nice. I do not think they are gold,maybe gold-plated. The only problem is they are the old screw-on design which HURTS! So now I am in a quandary - do I wear them and suffer, take them apart and put them on modern settings or just take them apart and use the beads? Any advice gratefully received especially as I would hate to destroy anything that might be worth more left alone!

And then we went and had Japanese food and watched Spiderman 3, so a nice break from the routine!


natural attrill said...

The silver and blue necklace is really pretty and delicate.

Glad to see our hemp contact was of use to you, the colour of the collar is lovely, and I think it will look good with the ribbon.

Your car boot sale sounds good! rainbow crystals, lovely, looking forward to seeing what you do with them. When you say rainbow, do you mean they are AB or is each one a different colour of the rainbow?

Toby has some lovely vintage blue crystal beads, he is using one at the moment, and also a really expensive green 1940's necklace which we bought at an antique centre which he has broken up to use. He is creating a beautiful sterling silver piece which will go on our blog soon.

Isnt it great when friends buy your pieces? Marina must be a real fan to buy three! Well done. I liked that monofilament one as well.

Good luck, carry on making and hope you sell lots more!


Caroline B said...

Thanks Penny - I think I meant AB - they are clear with a rainbow hue in the shine. I just wanted them to use as accents in other pieces rather than make anything specific.