Thursday, 24 May 2007

Blue Spirals and Forget-me-Nots

With new beads and wire in abundance, I was spoiled for choice but decided to make the above as a lady I know was looking for a silver/white/blue necklace for a wedding. The first one is made with pale blue wire (simply gorgeous!) and clear glass beads and an asymmetrical design. It is very unusual and pretty. The second is made with silver wire, pale blue glass flowers and pale blue/clear glass beads. This is very delicate and feminine looking and just right for the summer. Both are £15 + p&p BOTH SOLD

After that, however, the lady in question actually bought the Silver Spiral necklace I made earlier in the week - and very nice it looked on her too this morning!

I heard yesterday that I will be receiving a parcel of fish - of the bead variety - from Athens, Greece sometime this week, which is good as I was running low! So there will be more fishy necklaces very soon. Apparently, there are now three huge bead shops in Athens - I visited two last year and was stunned at the selection - one shop is four stories high and the other more rambling store is as big as my house and just jammed from floor to ceiling with every bead, finding, pendant and chain that you could ever want in a lifetime! I bought a lot and it is probably just as well I no longer live there or I would be facing bankruptcy!


natural attrill said...

My favourite is the one on the left.
Do you sell alot through your blog? or to friends, or jewellery parties, or shops?

fhiona galloway said...

Lovely Caroline!
I'm sure it must be like living in a treasure trove with all those beads!! and more to come!!!

Caroline B said...

Thanks Fhi - yes, there is a part of the kitchen that looks like Aladdin's Cave - that's a thinly disguised euphemism for a mess!
Good job my family are tolerant!