Saturday, 19 May 2007


While browsing through various blogs the other day I saw someone using the technique I have used for curly scarves to make wire/bead bracelets. Having just been admiring Sybille's marine-themed jewellery, I put the two together and had an epiphany! The above is the result, a necklace of crocheted silver wire decorated with beach/sea coloured beads, pearls, shells, mother-of-pearl and little seahorses and fish. It is very eye-catching and to be worn by an extrovert, as there is no hiding away with this on your person. It reminded me of the tops of waves when they crash on the shore with shells and flotsam and jetsam being brought in together with the foam. Owing to the sheer amount of work and materials involved in this piece, it will be £22.00 + p&p. SOLD

Now that I know this technique works in wire, I plan to make more of the same, but in different colours - maybe green to look like kelp, and to incorpate other little marine items. I also think this would work well using flowers and leaves to make a garland effect.

The bead/wire insects are still at the back of my mind - I bought some supplies today and will attempt a little treasure later. Unfortunately, housework and gardening are the order of the day as usual on a Saturday, so I will have to wait until it is all done - talk about a carrot and stick!!

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This is very delicate and pretty.