Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Sixties Beads and Mother-of-Pearl

Above is a charm pin that I have made for my son's girlfriend's birthday - I do hope she likes it! My son says it is too 'girly' but then what would he know! If anyone would like anything similar made, just let me know - I'm open to suggestions for the theme.
These three necklaces remind me of the 'love beads' we had in the sixties and seventies, which must have come from India and were multi-coloured beads on brassy wire chains. I have made the chains on these out of copper and gold coloured wire, with mixed beads from a huge bag I bought at the last Stitch and Craft Expo. The chain necklaces have Indian Lampwork beads as features. The central necklace is crocheted with old gold wire with a peacock tail type pendant, also crochet. This was a bit of free-styling on my part - I started something else but it turned into this! All the above are £15 +p&p.
This is my favourite of the week - I have made a silver wire chain and hung five pieces of mother-of-pearl shell interspersed with clear sparkly glass beads. When against the skin, this is so clean looking and shiny - a really beautiful little necklace, even though I say so myself. This is also £15, although you had better hurry as I am very tempted to keep it, especially if I get a tan this summer......


natural attrill said...

My favourite is the middle pic, left necklace, very pretty.

Toby has a few of those quilt pins with loops, not got round to doing anything with them yet. I hope your sons girlfriend likes the one you have made for her. I think its wonderful to be given presents that someone has taken the time and care to make themselves. She is very lucky!


Magpie Magic said...

The blue and crystal one is my favourite. It's gorgeous! Just my thing!

Sybille x