Saturday, 12 May 2007

Hot Pink Beads and More!

The above are this week's creations. The first is a bright pink and turquoise wooden bead necklace, strung on gold effect hand-made chain. Working in an infant school, I am often made lovely necklaces by children using huge bright beads and this necklace was inspired by them - I have a tub of brightly coloured wooden beads and plan to be making more of these.SOLD! So I had better get on and make more then!

The second is a copper leaf pendant strung on a copper wire chain with clear glass beads. I have had the copper leaf pendant for a long time and finally found a way to use it - I am hoping the wire will darken with age and match the pendant.

The third necklace is a three strand crochet wire in green with assorted coloured beads, and a crocheted wire and bead pendant. I am pleased with the curly effect of this, and hope to be making more in the future. However, I am giving the crochet wire a rest for a few days as I feel like I have strained my eyes!

The fourth is a turquoise wooden bead necklace, featuring of course - fish! I have strung these beads on gold effect wire link and when it is worn, the fish hang from the central chain as if they had just been caught fresh from the sea. I plan to make similar items but incorporating shells and other marine themed beads/charms. I think I must be compensating for no longer living near the sea - I do miss it! SOLD

All of the above are £10 + p&p.


natural attrill said...

Hi caroline,
the fish necklace is lovely!!
About the copper pendant; the wire will probably end up lighter with age, as the gold plate will rub of with wear.

natural attrill said...

I love the crochet wire with the little seed beads, very pretty.
My favourite is the fish necklace, I like the asymetrical look.

Caroline B said...

Toby - I went back and re-read my long e-mail from Sybille about wire, and what she said was that heat tarnishes copper. So I set to with the kitchen blowtorch (not to be done without adult supervision - I'm surprised I got away with it....) and sure enough the copper has gone darker. It needs a bit more but I got bored - maybe later today! Next time I may just darken the wire BEFORE I make anything, which would seem more sensible!