Tuesday, 12 June 2007


This is a necklace and bracelet (not intended to be a matching set, but they could be!) in turquoise and clear beads with silver wire. The necklace is made with large blue opaque plastic beads together with big clear glass round beads and blue and clear glass seed beeds, all on a hand-made silver wire chain. It is choker length and looks very clean, bright and elegant. £15.00 +p&p
The bracelet is made with opaque turqoise beads interspersed with clear glass beads, one strand crocheted on slightly stiffer silver wire than normal, one strand just threaded, and one strand of just crocheted wire. Because of the thickness of the wire, the strands have kept a wavy shape and together look like ripples on the sea. It started as an experiment and ended up something very pretty! £5.00 + p&p

New Arrivals!

I have just received a herd of very small zebras in the post! I can't wait to use them and have had a project lined up for them for days. With them also came some little seagulls, so look out for more of a marine theme.


natural attrill said...

This is pretty Caroline. They go very well together. I really like the large links on the bracelet.
Zebras sound interesting!

Magpie Magic said...

Very pretty. Love the blues with the silver and the clear beads. :-)