Sunday, 17 June 2007

Seagulls, Zebras and Sales...

The above is a delicate little necklace in gold coloured wire with turquoise glass seed beads and three vintage seagull charms. When worn, the gulls look as if they are flying in a little formation - which was my intention all along! The gulls are very small, and the whole necklace is very light, barely there. £15 +p&p
I only have three more seagulls, so this necklace is one of a kind!

Above is a pair of earrings I made to match the bracelet - very silly and lots of fun! I have cornered the market on small plastic zebras (BIG thanks to Emma of Llamalashes who let me buy them all!) so there can be some more zebra-based jewellery but not much, probably only three or four pieces.

Finally, I have made two sales, the little silver posy necklace and one of my bright tape handbags, going over the sea to Germany (Thanks Gates!)

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natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,
I love your seagull necklace, it is very delicate and pretty.
Congratulations on your sales!