Saturday, 2 June 2007

Pretty Flamingo...

The above is a necklace based around the little brass flamingo charms I received the other day from LlamaLashes. I have used a gold effect chain and threaded all kinds of pink, cream and white beads to make a rope and to represent the colour of flamingoes, with a few black star beads to add contrast in the manner of the flamingo's beak, and hung three of the little charms at the front of the necklace. It is very feminine, pink and sparkly!

The bracelet above is one of my favourites and I wear it an awful lot. It is made from shells gathered on Longis Beach, Alderney (so they have particular sentimental value) which have been simply strung on elastic. With wear, the true colours of the shells are brought out, I guess from the natural oils in the skin and various body lotions, which makes it very eye-catching. I have sold a few of these in the past as they are very popular and completely forgot that to put them on here would also be reaching a wider audience.

The above is a necklace made using a leather flower from the super-dooper bead shop in Athens, sewn on to a leather thong with beige satin ribbon and contrasting beads. This was made quite a while ago, and again I forgot to put it on here.

This is just a picture of my garden today - it is such a glorious day and everything is growing so well after the rain. Somewhere in the undergrowth is the small pond and fountain, looking very naturalised and home to various amphibians and snails as well as a watering hole for the local birds. It has taken ten years of hard work to get it looking like this and now it is relatively low maintenance. This is just the bottom end of the garden, but it is what we can see from the sitting room window, so makes a lovely tranquil view.

And for those waiting to hear the end of Billy-Bob's story...


In the cold light of day, Billy-Bob found himself abandoned by his fairweather friends. He set out, chastened and not a little hungover, to find his destiny. There, in the corner, he saw something he could hardly believe.......



natural attrill said...

Glad to see Billy-Bob happy, you are funny!!
I like the shell bracelet, I think it looks good cos there are so many shells on it, and I love the colours. The sentimental value on jewellery is worth alot I think, more than alot of other art forms. I guess its because it is worn on the body and is therefore even more personal.
The leather flower necklace, though not my personal taste, I think is very attractive, and I'm sure someone will snap it up!

fhiona galloway said...

The saga continues...I'm loving Billy Bob's story. you want a think about making something of this Caroline...could be a brocolli and your story!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE BILLY-BOB! Your story was funny! I like all your pet paintings they're brill! I wish I was able to make jewellery like yours too.
Rhiannan (Pauline's daughter)