Friday, 8 June 2007


The above is the necklace involving nuts as promised! I have made a double stranded necklace using dark copper chain, raffia, leather thong, linen thread, hemp, (everything but the kitchen sink!) and threaded on the above are several nut-shaped beads, two rough clay flowers, wooden beads, brown seed beads, metallic brown smartie beads and some antique-effect copper leaves! Phew, what a mixture, but I think it has been successful - I'm really pleased with it and it has come out as I had imagined. This is completely unique as the beads have come from far and wide - never to be repeated either, as that's all there is of some of them! £20 + p&p


I have had this necklace in my head for some time now since getting these little flowers - they are vintage opaque plastic and very delicate and pretty. I wanted to get the effect of a posy and have put each bead onto a long piece of silver-plated copper wire and hung them all across a short piece of wire, bending the 'stalks' to make them a more natural shape. The whole posy is then attached to a hand-made silver chain with clear glass seed beads. It all holds it's shape beautifully when worn and the colours are very soft and attractive. £16 +p&p SOLD

The season of school summer fairs is nearly upon us - I know of three in our area so far and hopefully I will have a stall at them all - it is time all this jewellery found good homes rather than adorning the candelabra in our kitchen!


natural attrill said...

Hello Caroline,
I love this nuts necklace, I really like the way you have used different threads and chain and leather, and all the elements go really well together, including the unusual nut beads.
Good luck with the school fairs, hope you sell lots.
We have booked a stall at Toby's school Christmas fair at the end of November, our first ever stall, so let us know if you have any tips?

Magpie Magic said...

Hi Caroline,

The nuts necklace is cool. I like the different textures and how you have combined them. It's really lovely.

Good luck with the stalls!