Friday, 29 June 2007

Sea Glass and more ..

First is a simple necklace featuring sea glass gathered off Longis Beach, Alderney, C.I. I have wrapped it in silver wire and strung the made 'charms' on to a hand made silver chain. I do wish there was a way of drilling holes into these lovely pieces of glass, but we don't have the equipment. However, I think this still shows off the beauty of these little chips of the sea. £15 + p&p

Secondly is a bracelet made to match a previous necklace, made with Fimo 'stones', MOP fish, shells and glass, all on a bronze wire chain. These look fantastic on, and the charms hang really well. I must admit to having made one previously and pinched it for myself! £10 + p&p

Craft fair this afternoon - after which I can slow down the production line. No doubt Sod's Law will prevail and I won't sell anything at all after a week's hard work! The weather forecast is awful, so perhaps everyone will come to cheer themselves up by buying lots of stuff........

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Sue said...

Simply gorgeous, Caroline! I love the simple treatment of the sea glass necklace.