Friday, 29 June 2007

Butterfly Meadow

Having sold the Purple Haze necklace less than 24 hours after posting it on here, I had to get myself moving and make another curly crochet necklace in a hurry! I began the above in silver wire, got half way through and ran out of wire - aaagh! So as it is nigh on impossible to unpick wire crochet, I had to cut off all the flowers and start again, in green this time. Funnily enough, it looks better with the green, so perhaps it all went wrong for a reason!

So this is Butterfly Meadow, with green wire, little flowers interwoven in the main part of the necklace and irridescent butterfly sequins on the tips of the lace points. I have photographed it in bright sunlight and with a flash, as the green looks different in both lights. Also, you can see the way the butterflies leave a delicate coloured shadow in the sunlight, making it look as though there are twice as many. Very delicate and unusual, and whoever wears it can pretend they are Titania for the day.......
£20 + p&p

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natural attrill said...

I love this necklace especially the wonderful shadows it casts!