Thursday, 7 June 2007

Flower Power!

Just a little something made using three glass flower beads from the Covent garden shop, as well as some green glass leaves and AB tiny pink glass flowers, all on a copper wire chain. The photo does not really do it justice as the flowers and leaves have a much purer colour when in day light and without a piece of mount board behind them! A great deal more reserved than the last necklace, but pretty and very summery all the same. £15 + p&p

The WIP is something involving nuts....I am saying no more as it is very much still in the planning stages but I'm hoping it will come together as well in real life as it has in my mind! Watch this space....

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natural attrill said...

Nuts? you have me wondering now! are you using them in your jewellery?

Toby drilled some dried butter beans with the thought of stringing them up somehow, but they didnt look very good.

We did see, in London recently, a lovely, and very expensive necklace in precious metals and real coffee beans, that looked very effective.

Well, ok, I am watching this space!!

Intrigued P.x