Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Kitsch Koi

This necklace is made using gold coloured wire shaped into curves and spirals then threaded with opaque and clear green glass beads, hopefully resembling underwater weed.Then three vintage carp charms were hung inbetween, together with some sparkly clear crystal beads to represent water drops. I had hoped the charms would hang horizontally so the fish would look like they were swimming through the weed, but when they arrived I found they have the loop at the mouth, so they are 'feeding' instead! Photographing this has drained the colour somewhat (I have made many attempts to get it as true as possible!) - the fish are brighter in real life, more the colour of real carp.

£20.00 + p&p - Are you extrovert enough to wear such a kitsch necklace??

We went to London for lunch at the weekend, and just had to pay a visit to the bead shop in Covent garden - I was quite restrained however, and only came out with a few bits and pieces. Lovely to browse through - my daughter just loves to run her fingers through the big jars of seed beads. She does the same at home, which is a bit distracting when you are trying to use them!

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natural attrill said...

Hello Caroline, I dont usually like beads that are shaped like somthing, or charms either, but I do love these cos they are SO kitsch, those fish are great! I also like the way you have coiled the wire and threaded the beads onto it.
Looking forward to seeing what you make with your Covent Garden beads.