Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Purple Haze

Finally finished the crochet wire necklace - it is in a purple-pink thin wire with tiny pinky/orange glass beads and little glass stars on the lace points. I'm quite pleased with it, considering it is made with a colour that I got free with last week's wire order which I would not necessarily have bought otherwise. As this is so labour-intensive, it is £20 + p+p

Having seen Toby's wonderful work with Fimo (check out Natural Attrill blog for his beautiful and quirky jewellery) I was interested to see that you could make fake stones. I have been trying to use pretty pebbles for years and unsuccessfully trying to drill holes in them, plus the weight of more than one is a real problem. So I bought myself a couple of chunks and made some stones which actually looked quite authentic. I have hung them on bronze wire with a few shells, a vintage seagull charm, a couple of pieces of glass, and one small pearl and have the necklace I was hoping to make. It looks really heavy but isn't at all, and all the bits and pieces hang attractively together when it is worn. Once again, thanks to Toby Attrill for the inspiration and I have the utmost admiration for you making so many Fimo beads as the process is mucky, boring and time-consuming - thank goodness the end results are worth the effort! I have a feeling that once this lot of Fimo is used up I will not be buying any more for a while.....

Three more days until the next craft fair and I wish there were more hours in the day - I have made what you see here as well as another zebra bracelet (SOLD!) and earrings set(only 6 zebras left, oh no!), a shell bracelet and ....that's all. Unfortunately this is a handicraft that cannot be hurried, plus I do have a family who keep on needing food and clean clothes - inconsiderate lot!

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