Wednesday, 13 June 2007

How Kitsch Can You Get?

So this is the finshed zebra bracelet and I am sooo pleased with it. I have been looking at these zebras for so long on the internet and finally ordered them at the weekend. I had this bracelet in mind the whole time, although with more black beads and without the links, but upon actually trying to put that into practice I discovered that it was just too crowded. So I put the zebras on a separate link each and it works - when you wear it they hang down in a little procession, looking just so cute! I know it is over the top, I know it is too kitsch for words, but I simply love it - and as you can gather, this one is MINE! However, I have just enough left over to make one more, so if you too want a mini herd of zebra around your wrist, let me know and I will make it for you and you will be guaranteed a completely unique piece of jewellery - as long as we never meet......! And that would cost you £15 + p&p - slightly more than usual as the zebras were vintage, and I doubt I will find any more.SOLD

I do have a small obsession with zebras - having failed abysmally to paint them when in the regional final of Watercolour Challenge, to get them right has become a bit of a mission. I do not like to be beaten by anything (least of all on national TV - augh! the shame of it!) and will thrash myself to death to accomplish it - it's not often I admit defeat! So that explains the high proportion of zebra paintings in my portfolio - although I am fairly lucky in that I have sold quite a few as well. So the bracelet has a bit of an underlying meaning for me - nil desperandum!


natural attrill said...

How unusual! I bet it looks great when you are wearing the bracelet with all the zebras trotting around your arm! Penny.

Magpie Magic said...

This is cool. Can't blame you for keeping it, especially with a story like this behind it all. :-)

Maybe you could do the 2nd bracelet with large round or oval white beads? Or green beads with little green beads in the links so it looks like they're running through grass? Myuki or Magatama drops in greens might work too. However, in that case I'd use chain to hang it all from.

Just saw you're also a Stephen King fan. 1408 has just come out as a film. Very scary.

Sybille x

Caroline B said...

Thanks Sybille - some good ideas there, I like the green suggestion. I'll have a look for suitable beads at the weekend. Just discovered more zebras at Llamalashes, so had better snap them up fast!

p.s. must look out for that movie!