Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Antidote to the 'Great British Summer'!

This is an acrylic painting of Pigeon Island, part of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I started it during all that rain we had a couple of weeks ago - I thought if there was no sunshine outside, I could create my own! It did go a long way towards cheering me up and I have thoroughly enjoyed painting something that does not have any animals in it for a change! I find if I paint the same subject matter too often, I feel stale and bored and it starts to show in my work. Then I have to have a complete change in direction for a while to re-charge my creative batteries.

If you are interested in buying this, please get in touch but be prepared as it will cost you £100 - acrylics take a lot of time and effort and the price reflects the amount of work put in.


Bronwen said...

Wowee. The price may reflect yur time and effort but I DON"T think it reflects your talent! It really is gorgeous

Laura said...

That is one beautiful painting, Caroline!