Saturday, 18 August 2007

Number Five - Greek Food!

I lived in Greece for 13 years and still keep up cooking the Greek way, because it is nutricious and delicious! Today we will be having 'Gigantes' - baked butter beans with celery, carrot, onion, various herbs in a tomato sauce - haven't finished yet, so these are the beans before they were boiled.
Yesterday we had Pasticcio - Rick Stein cooked this on his programme a couple of nights ago, but I have been cooking it for years, it is a family favourite. Glorified macaroni cheese really, but great with a Greek Salad and preferably a nice cold beer....


natural attrill said...

Those butter beans look like they're going to be delicious, making me feel hungry.
I am a real foodie as well, I love experimenting with different herbs and spices and making my 'version' of dishes.

fhiona galloway said...

umm yum-love greek food as long as it's veggie of course!