Thursday, 16 August 2007

Summer Time......

Yesterday I received a small package from the E-Bay shop LlamaLashes (well worth a visit if you like 'kitsch') containing some more little gold gulls and some tiny VW Beetle charms. I decided to make a charm bracelet using a mixture of turquoise and gold/yellow glass beads on a gold chain. The charms are: a gull, VW Beetle, a dolphin, a fish, a shell and a glass heart. The colours make it look very summery and reminds me of beach holidays.......aaahhhh....
Then I made a simple pair of matching VW earrings! I know these are for a certain type of person - but I think there are enough of us VW enthusiasts out there to find a home for these.
Bracelet £10, earrings £5 , + p&p

The packaging of these charms made me laugh - I have been in discussion with Emma of LlamaLashes about the gull charms as she had several which are badly marked, and I reckoned I could get my other half to clean them up. So she sent me the ones I ordered, plus some marked ones and they were labelled 'Good Birds' and 'Bad Birds' - this just tickled me, don't know why! What does it take to tip a seagull over the edge into the Dark Side...?

Finally, it has been very nice to have some new visitors to this blog - welcome and I hope you'll come again!

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natural attrill said...

My first ever car was a beetle, it was grey, and cost me £250.
Very summery looking bracelet, makes me want to go on holiday!