Sunday, 26 August 2007

Antique Shell Pendant

I bought this lovely carved shell pendant in Covent Garden Market a few weeks ago from a very sweet, very old, lady who was selling off all her stock of antique/vintage jewellery at half price as she was retiring. Unfortunately at the time I was a little strapped for cash and could only afford a couple of items - this and a string of beautiful AB glass beads.

I have had the idea for this necklace in my mind since I bought it - finally got around to it! I removed the ugly wire finding from the pendant, gave it a really good clean, and have made a rope of several intertwined strands of co-ordinating turquoise, blue and clear glass beads, with a few vintage pearls added for accents. The pendant is just hung on the rope through it's hole, (it is not a whole shell, just the front section.) £22 + p&p

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