Saturday, 18 August 2007

Number Four - Stacie

This is my daughter, Anastasia, Stacie to everyone. She is 19 and has Down's Syndrome. She was born in Athens, Greece, and we went through a very rocky time as the Greek doctors were very ignorant about it all and offered us some unimaginable choices. Luckily, we did not take them and although my ex husband fell by the wayside when she was five, I never regret having her. She is a little darling! She has been through mainstream schooling until the age of 15, had a few years at a special unit (not such a good choice!) and is off to technical college in September. Go Stacie!


natural attrill said...

Hello Stacie!

fhiona galloway said...

well done Caroline and Stacie!!
Go girls!!!

Raggy Rat said...

stacie is soo beautiful ... i have worked with people who have downs syndrome a lot over the years and she is the cutest :-) super pic - thanks for letting us see her, good luck at collect stacie xxxx
ps i know i havent got round to 8 things yet !

Caroline B said...

Thanks Cat - we like her!
Get on with your 8 things - I know you have nothing else to do...hahaha!
Caroline x