Wednesday, 22 August 2007

End of Knitting Project..

Well, I'd like to say this is finished, but I ran out of the other yarn five rows before the end of the whole thing - how frustrating is that? So after chatting to the people at the company, we agreed it would probably be quicker to send the dress to them to be finished rather than me sit here another couple of days waiting for the post to bring the extra yarn. (If only I had been sent the correct amount in the first place, this would have been finished a week ago......)

The red around the edge is a piece of thick yarn I put in there to hold the stitches - nothing to do with the design! As you can tell, it's quite a funky little number and obviously for some uber-slim model type as I don't think I could even get one leg into it! I am so relieved this is over - I can get back to my own projects which have been sadly neglected the past ten days or so. I am in the process of painting, but in the early stages - something sunny, cheerful and not relating to any animals for a change. I have another commission in the pipeline of a greyhound - sadly put down this week - belonging to a friend of mine and one of my best customers. This will be the third pet portrait I have done for her and I do so enjoy painting her dogs as I know she 100% appreciates my work and each painting means a great deal to her.


fhiona galloway said...

get yourself a nice drinky poo now Caroline!!
Well done-would be nice to see the dress on the model to see what it looks like!

Sue said...

Blimey! That's lovely.....dead slinky! Is that the back or the front of the dress? It wouldn't look slinky on me tho'....I have much too much tummy! (Sob!)

Caroline B said...

That's the front, Sue! I guess if you are a model you can have your bits hanging out - I couldn't have worn this even in my slimmest years. Forget it these days!