Saturday, 18 August 2007

Number Seven - My Dogs

These are my other babies! The small brown one you have seen before, but here is the saluki in all his glory and then in his usual position of flat out. He is my second saluki - the first one was killed by eating some sort of drug while on the local recreation ground. It was devastating at the time, took him just 8 hours to die and we didn't know what was the matter. Poor old Jasper then went into a decline as he missed his friend so much, so after a month of him shuffling around at my ankles looking like he was going to be the next to pop his clogs, I cracked and bought another saluki puppy. As soon as we brought him into the house they were rolling around on the floor together playing and have been inseparable ever since. It's not easy being a saluki owner - you have to be very alert when out and about, as he could dash off at any moment after a cat, squirrel, rabbit, deer, and I certainly don't stand a chance of keeping up with him! Luckily, this one is unusual for a saluki in that he actually comes back when you call him, but I could tell many stories of his exploits......

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fhiona galloway said...

oh poor you losing your dog like that-how awful and sad.
your dogs look gorgeous! :0))))))))