Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Three more days for the give-away - and some other work!

Just to keep it at the top of the page as it were, there are 3 more days to put your name down for the give-away as in the previous posts - I plan to have the draw at the weekend, Sunday-ish!!

Had a sudden burst of activity last night, after feeling thoroughly ashamed with myself for squandering the whole day and achieving nothing much. We had a tiring day out in London on Monday and yesterday after doing the chores and having lunch, I fell thing I know, it's time to walk dogs, cook, etc and that's the afternoon gone! So, later on I got the beads out and made this:-
I have had this necklace in mind ever since getting the little tree frog beads, but had originally intended it to be strung on hemp. But then the other night (sometimes I dream beads, knitting or painting and occasionally it produces a solution to a problem) this came to me. It is made up of four strands of monofilament with various tiny green and brown seed beads, interspersed with glass leaves and little pink glass flowers, winding round each other like vines. There are four ceramic tree frogs and in the centre, a large glass leaf. This is £25 + p&p - slightly more expensive as there are a lot of components to this one. SOLD

Then, while attempting to wind silver wire through a piece of fossilised shell picked up at the beach last week (didn't work, just made a mess!) I then used the wire to make another sea-glass pendant on a slightly different 'chain' - it is just gently curved silver wire with four slightly irridescent glass beads at the joins. This is one of those necklaces that is so simple and shiny it looks really lovely on - if no-one grabs this one, I might just keep it! £15 + p&p

Finally, having seen Sybille's versions of my curly scarves using cotton yarn, (I'd do a link but it's beyond me - check out her blog link to the left of this, under 'Sybille's Jewellery') I wanted to have a go too. I'd not thought of using cotton as I was a bit centred on using mohair and soft fluffy yarns, so this was something a bit new. I used blue and purple hemp together, and am very pleased with how it has turned out. It's too hot to wear it, but I am sure the cooler days will come around all too soon! See if you can spot where the blue hemp ran out and I had to improvise.........

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natural attrill said...

I really like the way there is just blue at the bottom, looks really good.
Lovely jewellery as usual too!