Friday, 10 August 2007

I Love E-Bay!!!!! And One-and-a-half more days for the Give-away.....

I'll keep reminding you about the draw, as every time I put a new post on, it sinks further down the pile! I shall be picking the 'winner' Sunday p.m., depending how sober I am as it is Bob's 50th birthday that day!

I received a magical parcel this morning, a veritable treasure trove of beads that I bought from a very nice lady called Alison on E-Bay. I am so looking forward to playing with these later (well, I can hardly call it work!) and obviously there will be a blue tone to quite a bit of future jewellery! There might be a delay in production however as I discovered the knitting job for Wear-Downey is a 'rush-job' - aaaggh! Why didn't they say that when they sent me the yarn?! So I spent 5 hours last night desperately trying to make some headway on this odd little skating dress, and think I may well have it done by next week - just the skirt to do now. I will post pictures when finished as I can't imagine who will be wearing this as it is tiny, clingy and revealing - Posh Spice??


natural attrill said...

Looking forward to seeing the skating dress finished.
Happy Birthday to Bob!

Bronwen said...

Happy Birthday Bob!
Can't wait to see your knitting and love the beads a very nice collection there.