Monday, 20 August 2007

Best of Hampshire Artists Exhibition

I spent most of yesterday down in Southampton as five of my paintings were up before the selection committee for the Best of Hampshire Artists Exhibition. We had to get there for before 10.30 and hang around until 4 p.m. to find out if we had any pictures selected. Luckily the rain held off for the morning and we were able to have a wander around Hillier Gardens (venue for the exhibition) which is a lovely place. They have many outside sculptures amongst the plants, including animals made from chicken wire, woven willow mad March hares leaping through a meadow, and even a faux iceberg floating in the pond with a few well placed penguins! Plenty to see but we did get incredibly wet feet! After lunch, we raided Hobbycraft and I came out with several assorted balls of fancy wool (49p for paper yarn! 99p for bobbly eyelash yarn!), some new Derwent Drawing pencils, needles, and a mosaic kit for my daughter - managed to walk through the bead section totally unmoved by anything.

We went back to Hillier Gardens to discover all five of my paintings had been accepted - wow! Not bad, considering the rules stated they would only choose 4 for hanging! So if any of you are in the Southampton/Romsey area between the 1st and 30th September, you might want to pop along and have a look - last year's had some lovely work in it, so I am assuming this year will be the same. And if you feel you need to buy some art work, look out for mine - that's Caroline Bletsis, B.L.E.T.S.I.S................!


picperfic said...

hello...I just wanted to pop in and say hello after coming across your blog somehow or another! I used to live in Southampton until 2005 so I know the area well. I used to visit Hilliers frequently and loved to go to their Victorian Christmas Evenings! Anyway, I will bookmark your blog to try and keep up with your world....Marianne

Bronwen said...

Well done, really well done. Are you still on cloud nine? I would be.